About Us

We pride ourselves on our friendly and flexible service and being different to banks and traditional lenders.

Putting You First

By being as clear and open as possible with our affordable loans, we help our customers repair and rebuild their credit rating to get back on track.

MotaFinance started providing loans with one purpose, to help provide finance for those with an impaired credit history. We don’t judge you based solely on your history and instead also look at your current situation and work with you to help you re-establish your credit rating.

We understand anyone could have problems getting credit via traditional bank loans, often through no fault of their own. Our focus is on responsible lending and putting the customer’s interest at the heart of every decision we make.

Flexible Lending

Lending to those with impaired credit is a market that is often badly provided for in the UK. We are looking to correct this and become the lender of choice for people looking to restore their credit. To achieve this, we are more flexible in our lending criteria and focus on making your experience with us the best it can be. Our goal is to make your experience with us so good, you won’t want to leave us...!

Building Long Term Relationships

We want to develop a long term relationship with every one of our customers and work alongside you to re-establish your credit rating. To encourage responsible borrowing we use a payment reminder system to safeguard you from falling far behind on your payments.

As a thank you to our existing customers, for those who renew with us we’re able to offer exclusive benefits via our 'friends' program. These may include lower interest rates, longer loan terms and increased loan amounts.

Easy to understand

We like to make sure our customers always feel valued and have found the best way to do this is to be open and honest with them regarding any of our terms, conditions and interest rates. To help with this we don't have hidden fees or monthly admin fees.

Improving Your Credit History

We aim to be as flexible as possible and will look to accommodate both the amount you wish to borrow and how long you want the loan for. Every payment you make on time with us will help to establish a positive credit history and improve your credit score.

The longer you’re able to go without missing or delaying a payment, the faster your credit score will rebuild. We provide you with clear and easy to understand terms, friendly customer service and leading technology to make sure it’s as simple and easy as possible for you.