How it Works

Just apply for your loan. If approved, choose your car and drive it away. Simple, easy and quick!

3 Easy Steps

Apply for an affordable loan

Choose your car

Drive it away

Verifying your Situation

An important part of our process is ensuring that we can verify your identity, address, and income. In most cases we will do this without you needing to do or send us anything. Our aim is to ensure the monthly repayments are affordable for you.


We never enter into an agreements if we don't feel it is affordable and sustainable for you. Based on your income and monthly expenses, we'll confirm how much we will lend you and the amount that we deem to be affordable for you to spend on finance each month.

Your Loan

Once we have assessed details about you, your income and affordability we are ready to provide you with a decision for a loan. In most instances we can do this immediately and online, so you know exactly where you stand from the start without having to do anything.

The vehicle

If you already have a vehicle in mind, the process can be even quicker. We do have some criteria on the cars so be sure to look at these to check it's suitable.

That's It!

Once offered and you have accepted the loan, we will arrange payment with the dealership and you can drive the car away. Simple, easy and quick...